Energy efficiency is one of the current times main concerns in the field of Architecture. More efficient buildings are required: cheaper to mantain and owning a lesser energy footprint. 

One of the most impactful aspects of energy efficiency is the intake of outdoor air; which if involuntary we'll call it infiltrations. Advances in insulation are barren and wasteful if infiltrations are considerable due to low quality carpentry or construction errors that leave open cracks and fissures.

The proposed research project aims for knowing the hermeticism of the architectonic enclosure and boundary in the spanish residential sector (and with it, the infiltration rate that it originates), characterizing and quantifying both the flows and weakpoints of the usual constructive solutions, and establishing an evaluation procedure of energetic consumption excess through a numerical and experimental study to be carried out over all the Spanish territory. 

The experimental procedure consisting of a pressurization of the building indoor air volume, commonly named BlowerDoor Test, is based on the EN 13829 and ISO 9972:2006 regulations, and it is commonplace already in most of the countries of our environment, which use specific normative requirements in order to verify the correct realisation of the construction work.